22 April 2011

No 4/20 post because Opana kicks your ass. No joke.
Plus, nothing I could've said on here would've made much of a difference. I could barely think about all of the nonsense and bullshit I've gotten myself into. For once I was genuinely happy. Which is probably bad now that I think about it because I was on a hardcore drug. Oh well.

I have no time to relax but that's the only thing I want to do. Today fucking sucks. I have nothing to keep me occupied but my crazy ass thoughts. No family I don't want to go out to eat to celebrate my cousin finally landing a job at the age of 30. You don't celebrate things like that, they should just be expected. I haven't had anything to eat today. I'm sure that'll change once Mikey gets out of work.

I sincerely wish I could pay someone to finish my unit plan. It's making me freak the fuck out and become addicted to adderall. The only time I can get that shit done is when I'm cracked out. Glad I got to warm up my creative juices via blogger. Maybe I'll be able to tackle my final creative essay. It should be easy writing what your teacher thinks is a fictionalized memoir but I'm freaking out everytime I open up the document. I really think you stare at yourself and you see things.

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