22 May 2011

I can't stand how when you're in a good mood everything is perfectly fine. It's like you force me to be in an okay mood when really I can't stand you or anything that you're doing. I just get the fuck over it like you want me too because I'm respectful in this relationship. Whenever I'm looking to just relax and be okay you have to freak out for whatever fucking reason and not tell me. After you've been texting God knows who. I don't really give a fuck anymore.

I'm thinking about getting my facebook back. I miss being able to see how people are doing and create my own social life. I still have a few friends but it's hard to always meet up with them. Facebook you just see who's bored and like their status BAM! YOU HAVE PLANS! I don't really give a fuck if I'm creepy and I'm a stalker. I'm allowed to have a fucking life too.

And don't you ever fucking yell at me for having an eating disorder ever again. Whenever you're in a good mood it's fine to eat but then when suddenly you have some sort of 180 switch to a bad mood you're "not hungry" or "don't want food" after asking me if I wanted to eat breakfast with you. Well guess what? I lie to you every fucking time I say "yeah babe, I'll eat!" It makes me want to cry while you're making me food, while I'm eating it and after I'm done. I didn't want to fucking eat but you would be in a bad mood if I didn't. You're so fucking triggering it's so fucking ridiculous. Maybe you did give me this eating disorder. You're probably right like you always have to be.

See, it's not hard to say how you feel to no one. You wouldn't know anything about that though. I'm not eating just anything today. Yesterday I had to survive through a wedding and eat some of my plate. It's funny how alike you are with your family even after not seeing them for circa 6 years because someone died. Ha, good shit. Fuck my life.

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