08 June 2011

Um for all of you lovelies out there you need to buy the 100 calorie honey wheat deli flats and make egg sandwiches on them. It's so amazing, and they toast so equally, and the best part is the egg sandwich is only 170 calories! Or want a new snack? My mom had gone grocery shopping yesterday and bought these flat crisps (tuscan herb kind) you can have two of these for only 60 calories! They're a decent size. Grab 3 of those and equally divide and spread a teaspoon of salsa between the three, hi you have the most amazing and somewhat filling 95 calorie snack!

I think I'm starting to go crazy over this "diet". I think a lot of people in my house are catching on. Today when I was about to eat my egg sandwich my mom asked if I kept the yolk inside or if that was "too fattening" to her surprise my response was "actually Les I always keep the yolk inside, especially if I plan on exercising... I need protein." Shut up bitch you just got denied! Mikey and my mom were saying how the sandwich I made resembled what someone would eat if they're on a diet. Well, well, what do you know? I am, thanks.

I've been wanting to reward myself but don't quite have the funds to get a new outfit or a new tattoo, so I've been doing it through tanning. Instead of staying inside to tan I decided the outdoors were hot enough to burn off some calories and get a nice even tan instead of a fake one. I hate looking orange but hate looking pale even more if you couldn't tell lol. It was sort of nice and Les was out there so I had someone to talk to in between reading The Cell, which, if you're a book lover is a must read! Earlier this morning I was extremely bloated (and feel slightly backed up) and when I stepped on the scale I was so distraught, 109.4?! How could I be gaining weight with all of this nonsense I've been keeping up with? Luckily I just weighed myself after downing a bottle of water and taking a shower, down to 108.6. So far I've lost close to 2 pounds in around 2 days. I'm hoping this isn't all water weight like when I binge and purge, which, I don't have a need to do anymore. It feels invigorating not having to sit on the toilet all night in pain because you ate 800 calories. I know what I'm doing isn't healthy but fuck... I feel a lot more healthier this way.

I'm so nervous, I meet my legitimate manager who is the head of the resident site I will be working for in about a week! I'm hoping to get dolled up and be motivated to speak to her and how "excited" I am to be part of "her team", sounds like some bullshit... too bad that's the only way to kiss a manager's ass. I wish I could just lounge around all day in the warm and the pool and get crispy... instead I get to sit inside for 4 and a half hours learning about health and listen to people tell me things I could probably figure out for myself about my new job. Oh well... I'm getting paid... maybe a little too much to just be sitting there haha. I'm thinking about getting a vanilla chai with skim milk from Starbucks. I know the sun will kick my ass and I plan on taking a sleeping pill (I'll probably refer to them as "sleepys") so I won't be able to eat when I get home from work tonight. May the battle continue... successfully!

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  1. Tanning is definitely the best. If I have to be fat at this point, I might as well be fat and tan than fat and pale. lol.

    And yep, gotta suck up the manager as much as possible. Bring her some gluten free cookies or something - she'll probably shit rainbows out her ass.