16 April 2011

Happy birthday Lizzy-twinny-babypantz! Because you're turning 20 it gives me an excuse to roll face, buck shots and beers and down it all with an OP 40 heeeeell yeeeeaaah! I can't wait to see everyone feasting on chocolate-chip Rice Krispies with banana slices on top. Enjoy suckerssssss!

My stomach's feeling super awkward, probably because of my laxative binge plus the prescribed laxatives I just took with my food. My legs are killing me from the quick run I wanted to take. Burning off 200 calories in an exercise was a lot more fun than just laying in bed with no energy because you've been restricting. I'll make a mental note of that.

I talked with the boyfriend. Last night was a little rough on both of us but we always manage to just suck it up and sex it off. Probably not the healthiest but it's worked thus far and we've been together for over a year now. I asked him about the pill-popping episode and if he thinks that it was on purpose. He claims he has no idea, but, he just had a two hour talk/Frisbee bromance session with him. Oh well.

Since Mikey knows about the laxative binge I decided I would eat, but only healthy. And since I plan on getting extremely fucked up tonight it wouldn't be a good idea to not eat anything. My breakfast/lunch will probably end up being my dinner consumption since the boo doesn't have to eat much to get by. My wannabe fruit salad (with half an orange, 8 grapes and a banana) and egg (with one slice of American cheese) was delicious. Washed it all down with some diet mountain dew. It was around a 305 calorie meal. Feeling sort of upset with the number, but if I can get out of eating a huge dinner it'll be no problem.

Time for some real homework, or some P.T. slurching... we'll see.

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