18 May 2011

I got straight A's this semester... great.

I don't know why you thought you had a chance in hell to do better in school. You always think you're on top of the world and always right. Maybe if you could just suck up your pride and follow my advice better things would come about. Maybe your school grades would improve and your emotional instability. I don't understand why you couldn't give me a single fucking spec of sympathy but here I am showering you and you still don't care. Go drink away your problems, I can't be bothered anymore if you don't accept what I'm saying.

I just woke up sad. I haven't had time to eat until now. I don't wanna eat dinner with my family or anyone. I just want to cry.


  1. You should be proud you got strait A's! I haven't gotten those in forever, mainly out of procrastination.

    I know the feeling about not wanting to eat near others. Hope your are well. :( Stay safe. xx