06 June 2011

Wow, I can't believe how many people have recently decided to follow me. First of all I'd like to say thanks because every other time I've kept up with a blog no one has gave a fuck. You people make me feel special and inspire me to actually pursue my dream of becoming an author! :)

Secondly, I'd like to mention how I survived my first day of my "Get Beautiful" goal. Not to mention this morning I weighed in at 109.4 after weighing myself from my gym/tanning session. Prior I was 110.0 lbs flat. This morning after surfing the interwebz for about 45 minutes I got my ass up and out of bed. I walked for only 20 minutes while reading the book Mikey gave me, Stephen King's, The Cell. It's such an amazing book thus far and I'm only on page 100. It's been keeping me occupied since I always quit exercise for the simple fact that I'm bored. I burned 159 calories, 99.4 of those fat calories. I didn't eat until two hours before I had to go into work. Two slices of whole grain bread with less than a serving of butter. Ended up being a 220 calorie meal, which I'm glad I decided to have since work I started to feel hungry by the end.

My training was so easy. I kept getting sidetracked by the people I was sitting in orientation with though. They're all training to be the same position as me (of course) but we're all placed into different homes with different consumers. All of them we're overweight and kept stuffing their faces. It started to make me extremely anxious. There's six of us, which made it easy for me to people watch, especially because half of the time it was dark and we were watching movies. In just a little over 3 hours a guy finished a 20 piece chicken nugget from McDonald's, grabbed a Mountain Dew from the vending machine and then a Snickers bar. Another girl brought in what looked like a KFC dinner. The other two ladies had chips/candy throughout the presentations. I was disgusted to say the least. Half the time I was thinking to myself "how could they not go a measly five hours without eating?" I felt like screaming but I'm pretty sure they were already staring at me for how small I looked in comparision.

I just had a sandwich (240 cals) with small servings of blueberries and watermelon. Now I feel extremely bloated and don't want to go to my friends house, but, I'm gonna. Especially because Mikey's sleeping over tonight. Probably TMI but I just really want sex right now. Probably because I haven't had any in the past 2 days (which is actually odd for me). I'm hoping my stomach doesn't keep bloating and making weird noises so I feel comfortable enough to get what I want, we'll see. So anyways... yay for small victories! Let's hope the scale brings me good news tomorrow ladies and gentlemen!


  1. =D Have fun tonight! (Channen from PT)
    IDK randomly decided to follow ya on blogspot.

  2. Haha thanks! :) makes me feel like I'm not whining to myself via internet when people follow me, I'll follow ya back!

  3. Don't forget to wear a condom. lololol

    And good job on your loss! Super impressive!

  4. The Cell is such an amazing book. Oh my god your going to love the whole thing.

    I always notice what other people's eating habits as well. Good luck with the goals you have set for yourself! Hope you are well. xx