10 July 2011

"Pack your things to sleepover and we'll play it by ear." That sentence sounds even more disgusting when I re-type it. Thanks Mikey, we'll "play it by ear" because we've been arguing lately and you don't know if you can stand to be around me. You don't think I'll fake this recovery thing as well as I plan. You'll see, no one will even know I'm suffering. "Bring your swimsuit tomorrow @ 2, Nate's been loving his water table lately" was the best e-mail I read. I start my babysitting job tomorrow and have the hours and such. I'm pretty excited just to be getting out of my house for 4 hours at a time without it being to smoke or pop pills or do drugs. I need to start getting myself back to terms with reality. This is gonna be harder than expected though.

Didn't get to bed until past 5:30 AM which was okay because Jason was awake and texting me. Poor thing had to go into work at 7 AM and stay there until 7 PM. I hate his weekend job, makes me mad we can't go out and be spontaneous. I didn't wake up cranky or angry or hungry or anything. I just woke up to Mikey texting me good morning. That's always a great feeling. And! No creepy text messages from other people! I told you I wasn't cheating on you Mikey. I think that talk with Jason really helped. I feel a lot happier even when shit things are happening in my life.

I'm supposed to be getting ready to possibly spend the night at the boyfriend's house. His parents just got a new cat, 3 months old and only 3 pounds. Orange tabby, still has no name. It's such a completely different cat than Jerry who weighs like 16 pounds and is black/white, Norwegian Forest Cat. I have to eat a bagel there. I can do this. I can take slow bites, and I can skimp out on dinner. I don't need to eat ice cream with him if I don't want to. Keep drinking water today or green tea Kristen. I've lost 6 pounds in 3 days which I'm extremely happy with. I'm not gonna jinx myself and let you all know how much I weigh yet. I'll let you know when I get down to 105 pounds. We'll throw a fucking party! I knew I could do this, with a boost from pills. I think they're acting more as a Placebo though. I don't think these pills cause appetites to be super suppressed since my stomach was growling last night at some point.

I'm sort of diggin' my new phone. I might update at Mikey's house if we get that bored and I have extra battery left over. Spending a whole day and night there might drive me insane after a while, we'll see. If you lovely ladies have phone numbers and would like to text throughout the day let me know! We can share numbers and keep each other company throughout our hungry, boring days :) wish me luck at Michael's for the next 24 hours...


  1. First of all I FUCKING LOVE THE NEW LAYOUT!! Paisley has always been one of my favorite patterns!

    Secondly, thanks for the shout out in your sidebar. You are the sweetestt!!!


    I hate when boyfriends/hubs' thinks just because you have a guy friend you're automatically cheating. Sometimes you need a guy's point of view on a matter and that's what guy friends are for.

    6 pounds in 3 days?! HOLY SHIT WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Just the pills and restricting? Very nice.

    Good luck at Mikey's. lol

    What kind of phone did you get?

  2. Haha OMG YOU'RE BACK TO SENDING COMMENTS, I MISSED YOU SO MUCH! and of course I had to shout out one of my favorite bloggers/PT'ers :p

    I've only been eating between 250 - 500 calories a day with the 200 mg pills and keeping up with my exercising :) it's working so well thank god! It's gonna suck when I binge hardcore haha

    Evo Shift 4G by Sprint.. it's okay.. only because I can check out my comments on my blog tahaha