10 July 2011

So, I'm back. I didn't even end up sleeping at Mikey's tonight. His cousins texted him and asked what he was up too. I'm sure he'll be getting trashed tonight with whomever. I don't really mind. I kind of didn't want to stay there anyways, especially after being forced to eat without having to show any discretion towards it. I decided I'd end up walking tonight and did! I pushed myself more than usual because I gave myself a break yesterday. 330 calories (206 fat calories) burned in 30 minutes at an average speed of 4.1 miles per hour. I'd say that's pretty fucking sick. Unfortunately just like anything else I'm starting to become addicted to it. I already want to hop back on and I just got off maybe tops 10 minutes ago... God I'm a fucking addict.

I'm not sure how much dinner was calorie wise. I sort of scaled it out because I didn't exactly get to measure everything and I suck when it comes to judgments. I was forced to eat a 270 calorie plain bagel for lunch/breakfast. Dinner was a serving of Porterhouse steak (not too fond of red meat but know it's healthy so I sucked it up), a shit ton of broccoli, maybe 6 tater tots, and an iceberg lettuce salad with reduced fat ranch. I'm pretty sure I'm only up to 345 calories for the day. I might plan on having a small binge for myself, depending on the mood and if I can get high enough. I'm thinking since I didn't end up taking a sleepy last night I'll indulge tonight.

I don't know if I'm "mad" at Mikey, I guess that's not the right word. I wish he didn't ask me to sleepover and then decide to pull back the offer. Then on top of it, decided we'd take an hour nap before dinner, we didn't even discuss the argument from yesterday morning that lasted throughout the day and then he decided he wanted to bust a nut. Of course we didn't have sex, I gave him head. All I want is to get off... is that too much to ask for?

Fuck this cyst growing on the side of my face. Time for me to scrounge up the last bit of pot I have and get high.

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  1. Fuck Mikey. Fuck his insensitivity. What a douche. I hate how guys think they can fuck around whenever they want but they expect us to be so straight-laced. FUCK THEM.

    You can totally go longer than 30 minutes and not feel bad! Runner's high is the fucking best. What's better than a natural high with no side effects except weight loss?

    I can't believe you gave him head. Next time you should tell him you're not doing shit until he scratches your back first. Men are so selfish.

    I want pot.