01 August 2011

I have a drug test I have to pass on either Wednesday or Thursday (the latest), fuck.
The most important news is I'm trying Ketamine tonight (I think).
The shittiest news is I'm not motivated to go exercise (although it'll help with my detox).
What sucks even more is I have to eat dinner at Mikey's house tonight.

So I'm back. Camping was fun and all. I got really trashed with everyone there. I got to go on the boat and I got a sick sunburn, which was what I was aiming for. The more extreme the sunburn the darker I get. Anyways... anyone got any tips on how to drink a shit ton of water without getting sick of it or throwing up? lololol, why the fuck do I have to be a druggie?

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  1. Just drink like 1 cup of water every hour or 1/2 cup every 15 minutes or something. The time in between might help keep you from feeling sick. Or you could drink tea. Some teas are supposed to help with detoxing I think. I've heard that B vitamins help with detox. I hope you pass your drug test.