29 August 2011

So because I can't break any ritual I have, I've been fasting since 12 AM and going strong. I feel like shit for doing it since I was starting to get a headache at my first day or work and I'll probably be extremely tired sitting through my first day of classes tomorrow (starting early and ending somewhat late) and then I'll be super fucking blanked out for my four hour shift tomorrow night. God damnit, I wish I wasn't so obsessive.

My first day of work was pretty easy. It's like babysitting without actually having to watch one kid the whole time. It's nice being able to switch it up and being able to pick up toys and have kids all over you just because you're holding the toy they want. I'm hoping that the shift tonight goes by a little bit fast than the morning shift and there isn't as many kids so I can at least check my texts lol. I'm starting to realize that keeping up with this, my phone and PT along side with school and work is going to be extremely challenging. Especially on weekends where I'm barely ever home, oh well. I'm ready to take on the challenge.

MY DAD'S BUYING ME A NEW LAPTOP! WOO HOO! I'm pretty excited. It's gonna be another HP since they're the shit and even though it's refurbished it's probably better than my old one since that shit the bed along with the webcam a long time ago. Hopefully this new one will last me until the end of college lolol.

I really feel like taking a nap, but should probably get my tan on since I'm still a pale bitch and don't want to glow while I'm sitting in class from 9 until 2:20... FML.

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