10 May 2012

People think an eating disorder is the behaviour of vain teenage girls throwing up their dinners so they can be thin and look pretty. What they don’t understand is that an eating disorder is a painful, horrible addiction that serves to distract from something else, something deeper, that is infinitely more terrible.


here's to relapse, already 1.2 lbs down from yesterday. I can't get better if you don't help me.


  1. Oh yes, these words are very true. I don't like the way society refers to girls with eating disorders. Because EDs, just like all the other forms of self-destruction, reflect that something is very wrong, that something is way out of control.
    Stay strong, dear. Stay strong. If there is anything I can do for you at all, just let me know.

    ~ Meg

  2. Anonymous11:53 AM

    There you are, but where have you been? I know you want to feel happier and want your parents to recognize that you need help. But maybe the thought of you needing help for your eating disorder is too painful of a reality for them. What if you told them that you are terribly depressed and need to speak to a therapist. It would be a good way to speak to a professional and begin the healing process on your own terms. Can you imagine how free your mind will be once you learn to let go of your eating disorder?