11 April 2013

I'm so dumb... so so dumb.
I really was okay with eating those nachos.
But after they were gone I decided that I didn't really need them and now that I've purged them out I should feel even the slightest bit better but I'm not. I just feel dumb.

I'm disgusting for being paranoid that there's still tortilla chips getting digested right now. I felt like all the salsa came up fine, but God forbid the piece that I want really gone barely left.
There's more and I can feel it but it won't come up.

I don't wanna purge again tonight when I have to eat dinner but now not even getting high is working to make meal time normal for the moment.

Apparently I don't give a fuck about my college career anymore. I should be doing something for my lessons or anything right now. Instead I decided to eat food that I didn't even need and then just threw it up. What a waste of damn time. And I don't have much time.

1 comment:

  1. hey lovely, just checking in to make sure your safe.
    I miss talking to you, I hope you are doing well. x