05 May 2011

I really don't know how I lived without adderrall. Not that I ever really cared much about homework my freshman year at Saint Rose anyways. It's sort of not even funny looking back on how much I slacked off, haha, oh well. I've been awake for like sincerely three days now and I'm finally starting to feel accomplished. I can't wait to get my grades back, I'll be severely disappointed if it's not straight A's.

I haven't been this adamant about my schoolwork since middle school basically. I don't know if schoolwork gives me something to put my whole undivided attention on while I get hunger pains of if my eating disorder is making me insane on every spectrum. Probably a combination of both, we can never be too sure.

I think after I'm done with my unit plan I'll get on the scale, make an enormous breakfast, purge, get ready and pop another adderrall. Don't wanna end up falling asleep when I'm driving in to hand this stupid ass nonsense that I wasted over 100 pieces of computer paper for. I'm getting fucked up tonight, happy Cinco de Mayo!

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