11 May 2011

Setting - "Fun in Alumni 101": A reminder to use that as a title in some sort of book, maybe not narrative. All day, all year. I survived living with 6 boys and only 3 of them saw me naked. Got the hook up on 2 bathroom drawers and had a constant supply of toothpaste. Too bad I couldn't take a piss in either of the broken, shit-stained toilets. "Home": A reminder to find a better title if ever needed in a book to explain my true mailing address. I sincerely experienced my first time tripping on shrooms at my house. As you can see I couldn't stay home unless I was fucked up.

1. Reunion Weekend pt. 2 (09/24/10): Wasn't exactly the first weekend back, but was definitely setting up the expectations for the rest of the semester. Nothing bad happened that night, literally nothing. Erica with the classy Keystone Light cans, enough said. I will always remember that Colin is 50% Scottish and 50% Greek (Spartan). He makes up keep up on Spartacus.
2. Invader Z: Roughly a month and a half of Z, like he promised. This month was sort of a blur. A lot of passing around the "How High Am I?" notebook. Just looked through that book not too long ago and laughed my ass off. The best is "The Big Question" section followed by the drawings. It would be a good way for a herbologist to keep up on the strands of buds and type of high you get off of it. We lost Tim Piff in the mix of this though. That's a completely different story though.
3. Swim Team Fag Party: 2 kegs, mad buds, nose candy, New Paltz. I gave away the ring that I was looking for circa four months and the next week Travis took it from me because "we got married". Apparently everything does happen for a reason haha. It seems like Saint Rose is just a shit ton of New Paltz boys. Which is probably why Saint Rose has a 70% to 30% ratio.
4. Aries Party (04/16/11): Technically Liz's birthday but she wasn't there for half of the party anyways so we'll say that it was Mikey's birthday party too. Assorted baked goods and bongs and alcohol and drugs. Nothing was really planned I don't think but it all worked out in the end. And when I mean that I mean that even when we left 202 the party was bumpin nearby with a real live DJ and free hookah. The major win for the night was that I knew it was happening and got super-cute ready and the party ended up happening!
5. Cinco de Mayo (05/05/11): If Justin Beiber was never born then I wouldn't have a numb pinky that isn't getting better. It was an interesting night, everyone got super trashed even Walters... YAY WALTERS I'M SO HAPPY YOU CAN DRINK AGAIN! I'm pretty sure I was trashed... I don't really remember lol. I think I was already pissed off then I made friends down the street and then boom I was in a fight. Mikey got a concussion. My pinky is really fucked up and it's starting to hurt my arm really bad, I think I fucked up a nerve. And my back is all sprained and shit. Much needed reality check.

Conclusion - If my senior friend that party just as a hard, maybe even harder, than me can graduate this Saturday and survived the never-ending quest to balance school and fucked-up-ness, then I can keep doing this too. CONGRATULATIONS KRISTEN YOU'RE A JUNIOR!

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