20 June 2011

I felt like all I did yesterday was binge. I was forced to eat a nice dinner since it was Father's Day and I'm too broke to buy him anything legitimate so I actually ate a full plate for dinner. Then there was ice cream then a slice of pie at Mikey's then some macaroni salad. I fucking hate myself.

Today I woke up too late so I couldn't call my program manager back, making me yet another day behind. I don't feel like getting ready to go out any place but I really need laxatives so I can purge tonight. I just feel like getting fucked up off of Mirtazapine and red wine and popping a shit ton of laxatives. I don't feel like exercising but I know I should... you fat piece of a fucking shit just go downstairs on the treadmill, ugh. I only had about 100 calories for breakfast/lunch today and had about two servings of goulash with two pieces of bread. I'm full, and plan on purging so I can eat some ice cream.

I hope I don't have to go to Hooter's tomorrow on a double date because I'm going to be a fat slob and feel disgusting around beautiful girls who are serving the fattest anorexic greasy nasty food. I wish I could ever just be pretty enough to work there and see all of the fat nasty slobby girls like myself sit there stuffing their faces to make fun of them.

Obviously this week's going to fucking suck.


  1. You have pretty girls at your local Hooters? OMG, the girls at my Hooters are gross. They're all chubby with slouchy boobies and it's not a pretty sight. lol.

    And trust me, you are about ten billion times prettier than the prettiest girl at my Hooters. And I doubt the standards are any higher at any of the Hooters in America. Remember, it's "Hooters", not "Hotters". lol

  2. Ugh I was just telling my boyfriend how I can't believe I actually agreed to go to Hooter's, not only will I feel extremely uncomfortable because I've been binging all day and have to eat there but I have pretty girls watching me. I haven't actually stepped foot, but a girl that just got hired (that I know) was telling me about how they give her half off tanning deals at places and the employees get their nails done for free. They have to look fabulous, I'm trying to hardest tomorrow to look amazing. I hate having to compete.. damn.

    Thank you lovebug, that really did calm me down a lot while I eat my Lean Cuisine... oh binges, gotta love 'em lolol.