13 June 2011

So I told myself yesterday that I wouldn't get on the scale but... I felt obligated too. I'm doing this diet to show myself and all of you that I can reach this goal and even if I had a family party I had to go to that I am committed to this. Today I weighed in at 108.0 lbs (even though it was fluctuating between that and 107.8 lbs). That means that I lost 2.6 pounds in one day... AKA water and food weight. I believe the extra pound is only water weight at this point. I haven't took a shit since three days ago since I've been busy and hadn't have time to take my medicines. Enough of the nasty talk though, you guys don't want to hear that haha!

I survived the night at Mikey's when I was freaking out on my iTouch. I felt like such a douchebag but had no other way to calm me down. Plus I didn't want you guys to think that I was ditching you for the whole weekend, that's just not cool! I ended up relaxing after we smoked in my car and played a lot of Call of Duty. Yeah... I'm a girl... I have an eating disorder... I play Black Ops nbd. But what is a big deal is the fact that I thought Saturday would be a major set back but it wasn't! (Sorry I'm still really excited that I dropped the water and food weight that fast)

I'm currently getting ready for work... or at least trying too. A lot of people are blowing up my spot via e-mail and phone. My head manager called me to tell me that they're moving me to a different location to work. I'm sort of glad about the change. It's closer to my house and college AND! I already have a sister house that I'll be grouped with since my manager co-manages the one that's in Downtown Albany. I'm really excited to start, not looking forward to these next four trainings though. Oh well, almost done Kristen... keep at it. Tonight I learn how to deal with my consumers when they're going through a behavioral issue. Since I was going to work at the Consaul Road house I knew this would come in handy (a lot of those residents have severe behavioral disorders on top of mental challenges). I'm not sure what my two houses are going to be like now. I guess I should call my new manager soon to tell her that I need to schedule a tour within the next week.

I'm not really hungry... I had to desire to eat yesterday (although Mikey made sure I did have a little something). Maybe I won't eat before training, or just bring a granola bar with me there just in case. Who knows, I'll update later cutieZz :) just wanted to make sure you knew I was still here!


  1. Poop talk is the best! Are you kidding me?! Us girls trying to lose weight should be talking about pooping all the time - it's like free weight loss! lmao

    Congrats on switching houses! Do you work with kids or adults? And do they have mental disabilities or is it more like a psychiatric facility/home?

  2. Hahahahaha, I hate poop talk because I can never talk about it. I have a stomach condition which is why I take at least 64 grams of laxatives a day :( oh well.. easier to abuse 'em I guess!

    Thanks! I'm really excited to meet my new residents and managers! Adults mostly, maybe some 18 year-olds. I'm not exactly sure since I haven't been there for a tour yet. Once I go (which I hope is this week) I'll definitely let you know :D I'm hoping they're sort of high functioning so then I can take them out to the movies and for walks and stuff! My other consumers we're pretty high functioning. We'll see though

  3. gal I play black ops! I have an xbox360 :) I love being a gamer chick!

    Congrats on the weight loss! I bet when you poop you will weight significantly less :) I like to think I am a pound lighter if I haven't pooped LOL

  4. Haha no wayyy! My boyfriend has a 360 (and adores it with all his being) kinda sorta wanted to bond with him in a bromance kinda way since we haven't in a while and decided I'd give it a go. I actually wasn't half bad (or so he kept telling me) so I kinda like it :P I have a PS3 so we can't play together wahhhh :(

    Thank youuuu! Speaking of bro talk, I definitely just took somewhat of a dump before I ate my ramen :P I feel somewhat better, hoping this can continue haha

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  6. Sorry, I get way too excited way too easily.