04 July 2011

Happy 4th of July! I hate Hallmark holidays besides this one, who else likes to get super drunk? Let's drink to that!

On that note I "gained" .2 pounds, making me a whooping, nasty, disgusting 110.2 pounds. I don't really think it's a "gain" rather than my body responding to my working out. I've been going everyday in July downstairs in on the treadmill and pushing my body to start running. I need slender legs pronto! I don't feel too bad about the .2 pounds, I just wish I was down to 109, I was for the longest time up until I got my period... that shit fucked up my system. Oh well, I won't have to deal with that for another two to three months lol. Today's gonna fuck my system up even more. I'm taking all of my diet pills currently (with a Mountain Dew.. how ironic). There's going to be a lot of food there, but I'm hoping I can stick to the salads and fruits and just have a normal meal with my family. I'll be getting drunk so maybe I won't even think about it and just eat for once and have fun...

Wanted to update quick since I'll be sleeping at Mikey's tonight (he did end up coming over last night after I took a sleeping pill). I'll give you guys an update on that... I sort of need... opinions about something drastic. Enjoy your holiday ladies! <3

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  1. 4th of July is the best! What's better than a combo of beers and fire? haha

    Once your body recooperates from your period you'll totally be back down to 109. Sometimes that water retention is a fucking BITCH.

    Hope you're having a good Tuesday and aren't too hungover. lol