11 July 2011

I can't believe I just got paid in cash 25 dollars to do absolutely nothing. And! I maintained my weight. And I just weighed myself and I'm only a pound higher than when I first ate. This is great. Why can't it be like this EVERYDAY?!

So I babysat the cutest 15 month old I've ever seen in my entire life. Well actually. I sat on the couch with two sleeping dogs while the baby (Nate) slept for like literally 3 hours. Talk about a nice nap. If I knew that was gonna happen I would've brought over my laptop, I guess I know for tomorrow now. This gig is really nice. It's getting me out of the house and who the fuck knows, maybe I'll burn some extra calories if Nate ever wakes up from his nap before dinner time. He barely cried when he woke up and all he wanted me to do was hold him the entire time, which is pretty complicated when you're trying to plug in a microwave to make food lol. This made me realize that I really do love kids way too much and my future career as a teacher is going to be magnificent. I don't think I'm cut out to have kids of my own, so I'll just keep babysitting if I'm really feeling lonely when I get older lol.

I know I promised some of you I wouldn't touch opiates again but I just can't resist. I'm really in the mood to get fucked up, but not high or drunk. Mikey's grabbing more Oxy's for tonight. The difference between the last time and this future time is I'm not taking as many so fast and not pushing myself over the limit. Lately I've been into drugs way too much, I don't see how I can get out though. My boyfriend and all of my good friends all sell and buy drugs, of any kind. Pills and pot and illegal 4 Lokos and shrooms and ecstasy. I guess it's my own fault. I don't really feel too bad about it often, except for when I get fucked up alone. I can't be that much of a drug addict if I have a 3.78 GPA and made Dean's List this last semester. I can't be that much of a drug addict if I have both my CPR and First Aid certifications right? I don't fucking know...

Unfortunately I had to eat dinner today with my family, just to make them happy. I don't do it often and I know it gets them off my back if I don't eat, that means no scale for about another 3 to 4 days. I had about a serving of chicken with fried eggplant on top with cheese and marinara sauce. It was so fucking good and totally worth eating. On the side my mom made green bean salad so I had a healthy serving of that. Earlier today I was feeling a bit low and wanted to make sure I could keep up with Nate if I had to, I had a serving of Goldfish (140 calories). I lied and instead of doing 10 minutes on the treadmill I did 20. It's in the middle of 30 and 10 right? At least I'm compromising with you Mikey, you can't be that mad. Burned 220 calories (bye bye Goldfish!) in just 20 minutes. I'm feeling really accomplished with myself.

I'm not sure if I'll have a snack later or if I'll even be able to grab a snack later lol. If so, probably something cold. It was so damn hot out today, I wish I could've went outside or went swimming. Oh well, more of summer to come.


  1. I love easy money!! My boyfriend also has drug problems so I completely understand... stay strong, you can make it! xxx