18 July 2011

I know it's just food and water weight but why do I still feel like such a failure all of the time?

I'm back to where I started, or so the scale is telling me and I need to make my goal of 105 pounds by Friday. It shouldn't be too difficult. My mom's buying me my laxatives. I plan on taking them every night. I'm not skimping out on working out anymore. I'm even thinking about not having so many sleepovers with Mikey this week so I'm not forced to eat anything I don't want to.

Burnt 214 calories in 20 minutes and all I plan on eating today is 140 calories of non-fat strawberry yogurt and a lot of fruit. Hopefully we don't order breakfast tomorrow morning since I'm sleeping in Albany tonight since Walter's is coming up.

FML why can't I just be skinny?


  1. You're doing so great! You shouldn't be so down on yourself. You'll get down to 105. It's a low weight, so it'll take time and patience. :) You can do it, girl!

  2. Thanks Camille. I was down to 106.2 last Thursday morning. I can't believe how much I was made to eat. It's still pissing me off just thinking about it. I'll get down to 105 in your honor!

  3. Oh babe :( I want you to be careful. Please?? I don't want you to feel so ill you can't function, I want you to be able to look after Nate and have fun and everything. Stay safe love xxx