23 July 2011

One thing we are aligned with
black on black Nikes
that represent the the lifeless lives
and it reflects the plight of those fighting, So
if we ain't right and always at the throats of one another
at least we got our Goadome Nikes
A metaphor for the insecure
if you ain't wearin' no color can't nobody say nothin'
One can never be judged when he dress like his brothers
Melancholy we are, though, we all learn to love it
Pessimistic we are, carry odds like luggage
and through all our trouble we still walk around, walk around
Flyer than the rest of them
Flyer than the rest of them
Still got my Nike boots

108.0 pounds, ate less than 400 calories, burned a little over 200 calories, I'm blowing as much cocaine as I want and will be the hottest girl there tonight.

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