20 October 2011

Celebrated 20 months with the best man ever who happens to be my best friend. Where the fuck does the time go? Speaking of... only a month left until one of the biggest projects I'll ever have to endure in my college career is due and I haven't even gotten the basics (besides the field experience) done. FML.

The boyfriend surprised me with a shopping spree when he gets out of his midterm for my 20th birthday present! $300 and mall time, stoned = the best thing ever. Plus it's a Thursday so, I plan on getting fucked up somehow later on. So much to look forward to, yayayay!

english muffin w/ butter (170)
bottle of code red mtn dew (280)
I hate how I have to take my laxatives with soda, makes my calorie count sky rocket.

Hoping tomorrow I can keep my count under 500 since I won't be with Mikey much since he plans on staying home to sleep since his brothers back in town and Les is going to NJ for the girls weekend with her cousins. I won't be getting harped on much and who knows... maybe I'll go to the gym and exercise my life away since I haven't done that in quite some time.

I got new acne medicine too... let's all keep our fingers crossed I'll stop looking like a pizza face, hurrah!

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