14 November 2011

 Horoscope for today (11/14/11)
Control is not a good idea right now -- you need to deal with things as they are, not as you wish them to be. Your energy is just right for coping with unfiltered reality, so get out there and shake things up!

So what you're telling me is to forget about my grandfather dying of lung cancer in FL and to stop worrying if I'll get into the classes I need to next semester or to stop thinking about how I can finish all of these classes on time to make sure I graduate on time and to stop questioning my insanity when I should be sleeping and to keep pulling all nighters because they're fun and spontaneous and unexpected and should be used for doing homework when in actuality I sign on to PT and blogger and create some abstracts or share some offensive comments with some members... okay, I'll get right on that.

I turned 20 exactly a week ago and still haven't recovered from my party. It was really expensive and I really don't remember much of it, except for the aftermath, AKA my bank is broke and I'm back to reality.

And come to think of it I did wish for something amazing to happen on the miracle day AKA 11/11/11 but I'm not sure if I had to wish it at 11:11 on 11/11/11 to make it work. It didn't. I still have acne covering my face and still have tons of fun covering it with 6 pounds of make up.

Good news. Well maybe not even "news" but something for all of you to enjoy. The other night I was playing beer pong with the boyfriend. We've been together for almost 21 months now (yay go us!) and I was so upset with my playing that I actually (in my head) announced that this one and only shot was worth the love he felt for me and the love I felt for him... and what do ya know.... I made it.

More good news. I plan on staying awake all day even though I've been awake all night and should probably sleep after my dentist appointment that's @ 8 since I have work at 4 until 7 but fuck it... my horoscope told me to fuck shit up or whatever.

Probably gonna go torture myself and realize that I haven't lost any weight from the last time I weighed myself (107.6) because I'm doomed to be 107 for the rest of my "lively" life.

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