24 November 2011

Thanksgiving is now over and was kind of successful. I ate enough to not have everyone on my dick, I spent the whole day with my family and I didn't even argue about anything (can anyone actually believe that?!)

It was upsetting having to pick up my dad from the airport. He gave me a huge hug and he said he realized how much he missed his whole family back here while he was gone for just a week. I know his dad just died and I don't know how he's handling all of it actually but on the outside he looks like he's doing really well. He got all of my grandpa's watches and he was telling me about how his dad actually talked about him to his girlfriend's family and all of this wonderful stuff. My sister sort of burst into tears at my aunt's before dinner because we were talking about it so much. I still want to cry but don't want to because then I know I won't stop.

I don't know why I agreed to go over to Mike's house. I'm going to go over there have to hear a whole bunch of bullshit from his family then watch him play video games at his friends house that I have to drive him too. Not to mention it's cold and I have work for three hours tomorrow, bright and early in the morning.

I weighed in at 105.8 today. Not bad considering I sort of had a mini binge the past two nights. I'm not sure how many calories I ate at dinner tonight, probably 1000 or close to that. I refuse to hop on the scale tomorrow and don't plan on eating until after we get our Christmas tree (which will be after work). I want to stay below 107 pounds now since that was a bitch of a plateau to break and won't be taking Adderall anytime soon (not until next year... which is about 2 months away lol).

There's a lot of dumb people on PT now. I think I want to take a break but know it's almost not worth it. I just miss out on a lot of shit that I wish I could be "in the know" about and feel like an asshole when I have to explain to people why I'm the shit and how long I've been on there.

Hmmm... I want to be at a solid 105 by the end of the semester, lower would be nicer but I won't push it. Right now I'm feeling like a tub of lard from eating Thanksgiving dinner -_- I hate myself

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