03 December 2011

107.2 after drinking and eating 310 calories... I'm assuming I was at 107 this morning though.

Not too bad I suppose. I've been tracking my calories recently again (not sure what jumpstarted that) but I'm going with it. It's cool I guess, I sort of get to understand the break down of all of my food. My parents are ordering pizza tonight and even though I don't have a sore throat anymore or any pain in my gland I'm still really tired so I might milk this for what it's worth and just have soup instead. I already ate pizza today and I don't really want to bump up my calories anymore.

I'm trying to drink an energy drink right now for my mom so I can attempt to stay up for a little while but I'm just so fucking tired. I stayed up really late last night but barely rolled because of my condition. It just made me feel normal, which is fucked up. I sort of wish I didn't bother going... I didn't really win any pong games and wasn't with Mikey for the first half of the party because he was with his friend. I should've just trusted him... oh well.

Speaking of... I texted him like 30 minutes ago telling him I was trying to stay awake and still haven't heard back from him. Whatever. He probably won't end up coming over... not that I really care anymore. I just wanna get through my homework and go back to bed I think.

My mom's annoying me to eat and she doesn't want me downstairs because she's wrapping my Christmas presents. So annoying. I hate this time of the year sometimes. NOT TO MENTION IF I HAVE TO SLEEP DOWNSTAIRS IN THE COLD BASEMENT ON A SHITTY MATTRESS AND THE DOCTOR DOES IN FACT SAY I HAVE MONO THEN I WILL FREAK OUT AND CLAIM MY BED BACK. FUCK MAN. Family always ruins my "vacations" because I can't even relax. Good thing I'm getting out of the house everyday for at least 3 hours at a time because I'm subbing in for everyone at work basically. I need some extra money before next semester starts.

Maybe if I get bored and I can stay awake I'll clean up my room. I really want to paint it sometime soon... like before Christmas so I can put my new clothes away in a brand new room. I think I need some serious change and since I already cut off all of my hair in October I'm forced to clean my room only o_O

I wish I could shit. I'm not taking my Amoxicillin anymore. I want my symptoms to come back and be really fucked up for the rest of the month. I'm so selfish.

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