04 December 2011

All I want to do is go downstairs on the treadmill for a half hour but I know everyone in my family will freak out on me.

I've resorted to watching documentaries that entail people having obsessive disorders (any kind... not just eating disorders) and attempting to making 38572834 million study guides that I'm writing and then typing and then reading for the rest of the day. So boring. Glad I get to lay in my bed to do it though.

Really happy Mikey is downtown at college to do some presentation with his group members, he says he won't be back until around dinner time but I don't believe that. It would be nice so then I'm not forced to eat until dinner. Yesterday I had to bump up my calories (still under 1200 somehow) to prove that I'm not super fatigued just because of my lack of eating... fucking morons... I've been doing this forever.

My sore throat is sort of coming back. I stopped taking my Amoxicillin. I'm so fucked up that I actually want to be sick. Oh well, over it.

I didn't weigh myself because I'm nervous. Yesterday I was around 107... I'm sure I'm up to 107.8ish, I'm hoping tomorrow I'll be able to weigh myself and feel decent about it. I want 103 so badly by Christmas it's not even funny...

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